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Revs Up Your Brain Power…

✔️ Leading researcher makes a new discovery that revs up your brain power..

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✔️ Breakthrough NASA study confirms the secret is over 200 million years old, the size of a cashew and inside your brain right now..

THE BRAIN POWER YOU WANT is NOT in a bottle, capsule or magic lamp.

It’s in your brain right now.
It’s about the size of a cashew..
It’s over 200 million years old.

 A 7-Second At-Home Ritual.. Scientifically Verified By Four Neuroscience Studies.. That Revs Up Your Brain Power..


Think you know what it is? I’d be surprised if you did.

This brainwave is linked to genius abilities.


Great ideas just come to you.

You learn faster.

Lucky things happen.

NASA studied this brainwave.

But until now, we’ve ignored it:

You won’t find it on YouTube or Google or any books on Amazon.

Which is why we’re going to turn it on right now..

The 3,000 Day NASA Study You Never Heard About It..

The breakthrough exploded when a colleague handed me a forgotten study by NASA..

(And stay with me. This gets good!)

NASA wanted to measure the brain power of future rocket scientists..

So they studied a set of kids and what they found shocked them..


The Surprising Breakthrough That Baffled NASA Experts. 

Nearly every kid was a genius, with the creative ability to solve even the most difficult problems..

You had that same power when you were a young kid too by the way..

5 years later NASA administers the same test to the same kids, except this time..

Now only 30% of the children scored at creative genius..

Stanford Neuroscience:

Meet The Crook That Took Your God-Given Brain Power (it’s not what you think)... 

I had to know what robbed us of this genius power that was once yours?

People might tell you the “the school system” and there’s truth to that but..

It dawned on me, if I could discover what’s really going on at the
neural level, then maybe we could rev up that brain power in you?

And I have good news: It turns out that we can.

Because this brain power isn’t about remembering facts from a textbook..

It taps into your intuition, you have eureka moments, difficult problems get solved with a great insight..

And I know it’s not a scientific term but it’s almost as if you become lucky and things just start working out more and more for you in your life..



As a researchers for 34 years, the magic of the human mind never stops surprising me but what I found pouring through the research stunned even me..

Finally, The Simple Brain Wave  For Genius Brain Power..

Have you ever wondered why so many billionaires say they wake up at exactly 4AM, and not at a different hour?

Well, these billionaires know how their brain works. They’re taking advantage of the Theta brainwave, which is elevated when you wake up at that time. It makes deep and profound learning very easy, where you don’t have to work nearly as hard. 

There’s even research from Columbia University showing your Theta could influence another person. This could mean that if you have more Theta, you could bless your kids with it and pass it down to them.

He was a bit out there but he was right..

Why We Chose Soundwaves 

We realized Soundwaves were a perfect solution because sound is all about vibrations, which shape all matter around us..

And our soundwave used Brain Entrainment which works by gently guiding the brain into Theta..

But there’s a problem..

Brain entrainment normally takes one hour PER session..

But after many late nights and coffee runs at the lab, my team was able to work with engineers and turn one hour of brain entrainment into a 7-minute soundwave..

“How Much Is It To Activate  My Genius Wave Today?”

By now, you should realize that I take great pride in the work that I do. My reputation is everything, and I would only ever attach my name to a product if I 100% believe in it.

Bottom line is a lot of time and money goes into this research. However, when you compare the time the Genius Wave takes to the months of time that even basic meditation requires.. or when you compare the price to the expensive equipment out there that promises to do the same thing, it will seem like a bargain.

And given the transformation that activating your Theta Wave can have on your life, we could easily offer this at a very high price. Think about it.



  • How much would you be willing to invest to have difficult problems solved for you with a great insight?

How much would you pay to land a promotion or get a raise? What about having your behavior towards food or exercise or smoking reprogrammed for you? Or watching your relationship with your partner or your kids transform?

  • What would it be worth to not just feel like the universe has your back but to actually see it guide and support you each day?

  • Think about the power and control you’re going to feel. What would you be willing to spend for this kind of transformation? $200? $300? $500?
  • How much has it cost you in your lifetime struggling to get what you want?

Because remember what Columbia University has found: the Theta region of your brain can influence another.

That means by activating it, you could support your kids or your partner with it too.

But if you don’t, that means they miss out on the benefits too.

You really can’t put a price on being tapped into your mind’s intuitive ability and having the things that you want happen for you.

Many of my colleagues have suggested that this product would be an incredible value even at $500.

However, because my main goal with this product was to help all of the people who couldn't afford to come fly to see me, we cut out all middlemen and made it available only through this website. That means you don't need to invest $500 to get your hands on this breakthrough soundwave.

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$200 $100

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Even though the Genius Wave has thousands of five star reviews from customers, if you’re skeptical, I understand how the programming of society and corporations have done all they can to hide this God-given “unfair advantage” from the public.

I understand how it profits them more if your mind is sedated and weakened.

And they’ll never admit this research is science-backed and bulletproof and can activate the subconscious powers of your mind because if they did, you wouldn’t need to buy a lot of their products ever again.

That means you don't even need to make a decision right now. Just say maybe, and you'll have a full 90 days to test it out for yourself.

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